Kindergarten - 5th Grade Extended Day Program


Guardian Angel Daycare offers a before and after school care program – extended day – for children who attend St. John the Baptist for kindergarten through 5th grade. The extended day program is designed with the needs of the children in mind. The students have the opportunity to unwind through play and centers. The opportunity to either start or finish homework is provided Monday through Thursday; this is a voluntary time – children are not forced to do their homework here. 


A healthy snack is provided to all school aged children. During the school year, children must bring a lunch from home on all early dismissal days and no school days. Hot lunch is not provided.


School Age Children (Kindergarten-5th Grade) Before and After School    

Child Care available 7am to 8am and 3pm to 6pm

Once A Month is a Wednesday Early Dismissal Day 12:45pm


Registration Fee

General Fees

Childcare Fees

Net Total

Monthly Fee(9 Months

September through May)




(included in the tuition fee) 



$17.00 Per Day

1 Days A Week



(included in the tuition fee) 




38 Days of Attendance

  2 Days A Week



(included in the tuition fee) 




75 Days of Attendance

  3 Days A Week



(included in the tuition fee) 




114 Days of Attendance

4 to 5 Days

Full Time



(included in the tuition fee) 




187 Days of attendance